Intelligent Transportation | Toll Management | Intelligent Traffic Systems Technologies in India | TrafficInfraTech Expo in Hyderabad

Smart World and New Mobility: Breaking Barriers

Day 1
Session 1 : Transformative Mobility solutions for India
  • Smart World & New Mobility: Breaking barriers
  • Keynote address 1- National Vision & Policy needs
  • Keynote address 2- Smart Priorities and Solutions for Highways
  • Keynote address 3- Digital Innovation for Smart World (L&T)
  • Digital Innovations for mobility: panel discussion
Session 2 : Technology Enablers: Transport data collection, Smart cities…
  • From big data to information to intelligence
  • Transport Data Collection, Smart Cities and Big data: a workshop
  • Leveraging vehicle telematics + Communication Technologies + computing technologies (Big Data) to address traffic issues: The Indian context
  • Predictive Analytics in Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Enforcement authorities and challenges of bad data
Day 2
Session 3 : Break through innovations: Mobility as a Service
  • Sharing resources and keeping freedom of choice- Mobility as a Service
  • From Personalized transport to shared mobility
  • New mobility options integrating transport modes
  • Connected ITS
  • New disruptive business models
  • Stations as a Service
Session 4 : Railways as the Mobility backbone of the future
  • Next generation solutions for the Railways
  • Developing Indian Railway Stations: Design led and User-friendly approach
Session 5 : Future Mobility Challenges and Solutions
  • Multi modal transport: Going beyond technological collaboration
  • Travel information: Meeting innovative customer expectations
  • Digital Transaction and common mobility card
Session 3
Session 6 : Smart City Mission- Enabling Mobility Presentations
  • Achieving Urban Mobility through Smart Cities Mission
  • Implementation of Smart City – PMC Perspective
  • Hyderabad Smart and Safe City – Case Study
  • Delivering Smart City Promise - Challenges and Way Forward: panel discussion
  • Management of Surface Parking

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