Pre-Show Newsletter                                                                                                                        Date: January 06,2015
TrafficInfraTech Expo 2015
New Launches | New Technologies | New Solutions

  • 100 Exhibitors
  • 20 Countries
  • 150+ Products/Systems
  • Special Show on Parking Systems
  • Exclusive two-day Conference

The 4th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo, Asia’s largest International show focusing on Traffic Safety and Security, Intelligent Traffic Management Systems, Tolling, Telematics, Public Transportation and Infrastructure, is set to open doors at New Delhi on January 7.

Taking into account the problems faced by India to cope up with the management of vehicular parking, both off road and on road, a special show exclusively for technologies for parking management, design and operation, Parking InfraTech Expo is being organized along with TrafficInfraTech.

With the Indian government’s determination to modernize the country’s traffic infrastructure and management, the year 2015 will be an action packed one with rapid progress in capacity building and adoption of technologies for safe and speedy mobility. Both safe and smart cities will be in the making; CCTV cameras, technology enabled enforcement systems, better traffic management and parking systems, telematics for better vehicle to vehicle communication….

Eminent speakers from the Industry will address an exclusive two day Conference on “Smart & Safe Mobility for Sustainable Cities” on January 7 and 8 at the Expo.

There are 100 exhibitors from 20 countries showcasing more than 150 products/systems in areas like safety/security, ITS, Telematics, mass transport, Tolling, Parking and Infrastructure.The three-day Expo is poised for a huge turnout of stake holders, traffic industry experts, government officials from across the country,senior police officials and from Municipal Corporation, Metro Rail, BRTS, State Road Transport Corporations and Infrastructure companies.

Product Preview

ROSMERTA Technologies Limited

Speed Governors
Two types of speed governors available: Variable and Fly by Wire. Patent for VSG governor pending. Three Models in each type: Fuel Type, Cable Type and Electronic Pedal Interface. Conform to AIS 018 and AIS 037 standards for Indian market and GSO Certificate for UAE. More than 1100 test certificates have been issued by ICAT / ARAI for fitting on various vehicle models and variants.

GPS based Auto rickshaw / Taxi Fare Meter
AFM99 – State-of-the-art, Integrated Tracking & Auto / Taxi Fare Meter, designed using 32 bit ARM Cortex based Microcontroller. Has a feature of tracking the vehicle as well as Digital Fare Meter with Thermal Printer. Measures travelled distance and computes the fare accurately according to the fare rate prescribed by the authority. 50 channel GPS receiver accurately calculates position of the vehicle. Quad band GSM Module transmits vehicle position along with other data to the server. Simultaneously displays distance travelled along with the calculated current fare during the journey on the 4 Line 20 Column Dot Matrix Alphanumeric LCD Display.

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Exclusive Interview

ROSMERTA Technologies: Offering VTS - GPS Devices

ROSMERTA Technologies is a zestful and vibrant company with core competencies in domains like HSRP, Smart Cards and Speed Governors. The Company believes in innovation, agility and further business opportunities. The company’s offerings include GPS Devices, AFMs, GPS based AFMs. It has developed Vehicle Tracking System Software Applications for diversified customers. VTS has initiated a complete paradigm shift in the way fleets are being managed by the operators. GPS fleet tracking technology is now the wave of the future. It is being used effectively to increase revenues. The benefits and uses of GPS tracking filter throughout an entire organization from Customer Services to accounting.

Harpreet Singh Sehgal, Vice-President – Business Development, ROSMERTA Technologies Ltd talks about the contribution of the Company in VTS / GPS Sector and other verticals.

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Seminar Schedule

Smart & Safe Mobility in Sustainable Cities

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